M.A. Beat – Mirage remix

I made this remix for the really awesome French producer M.A Beat, and it was released today.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
The night I started making it, it was raining really heavily, which seemed to fit the mood of the track quite well, so I set up my microphone and just let it run for about 10 minutes by the window of my studio – you can hear this recording throughout the track.  This remix also used my new(ish) Moog for a few parts, and my little Critter and Guitari pocket piano is all over it too, doing some nice chip-ish chords and arps.
Check out the original too – it’s a great track and it was really good fun to remix.

New Releases for 2014

Finally getting plans together for this year: there will be a new single in late March, and a new EP hopefully in May. Sorry it’s taken so long.  Honestly, the tunes were 90% done last August, there’s just been months of paralysing self doubt and slight tweaks to kick drums since then.