Dust of Us – Punching Bag Remix

Hi there everyone, it’s been a minute. A very long minute. Whilst we did spend a lot of 2020 making negronis, baking, and having zoom parties, we also had the opportunity to take apart and rebuild Punching Bag from the excellent Dust of Us.  For this flip, we took the vocal and pitched it a little, laying it over some glitched beats and mallet melodies.

Negronis allowing, we might also finish the next LP in 2021…

Super Magic Hats Forever


We released 3 albums in 3 years between 2016 and 2018, and in 2019 we took a little break. Forever is the base from which we intend to continue exploring musical territory in 2020.

We are releasing this as the first single of the decade, look out for it as the fireworks go up in Melbourne. Pre-release listening via QR code stickers on lamp posts in Melbourne from 19.12.19

Bandcamp Exclusive


Japan Tour: Osaka (28.07.17)

We are stoked to be heading to Osaka to play at Club Circus alongside some incredible artists.  Kafuka, who has recently released on Project Mooncircle, will be playing live to celebrate this release, and the line up also features Hush Hush labelmate dznt, and Metome, who was one of our inspirations when we produced Separation.

From Club Circus:

オーストラリア・メルボルン在住のミュージシャン兼プロデューサーRob Mastertonによるソロ・プロジェクト Super Magic Hatsと、関西からドイツレーベル”ProjectMooncircle”より初EPをリリースしたKafukaのダブルリリース祝スペシャル!

Release Live:
Super Magic Hats (Hush Hush/PROGRESSIVE FOrM/Gaga Digi)
Kafuka (project:mooncircle)

Keita Kawakami (koolSwitchWorks)
Hideo Nakasako (shrine.jp/TYPE)
dznt (Hush Hush)
Might whales

Details here


Winter Winds Vol 4

Released 21st January 2017

Our track “Emotion” features on the latest compilation from Svnset Waves.  WINTER WINDS vol. 4 is Svnset Waves’ annual winter release. Featuring artists from around the globe, this album sets out to capture the literal and metaphoric feeling of the cold rushing in and out of our lives during the cold months.

Emotion is a brittle and hazy track forged in a cold Melbourne winter (northern summer) from a mix of field recordings, live instrumentation, and samples of everything.  Emotion captures a feeling of longing and a desire for the warmth of connection.


2016 review: April

With our album release locked in for May, we worked on our special launch live set.  A note on these: people tend to slate electronic music live for being “hit play” or whatever, or that there’s no particular skill or effort that goes into playing.  They might have a point, it is possible to just hit play and then spend the next hour occasionally pressing a button so that it looks like you’re doing something.  The thing about playing electronic music live is that there is a near infinite number of ways to do this, so there is a near-infinite spectrum that ranges from press play, have a beer, whatever, right through to improvising everything on the spot.  For our own part, we have spent the last few years constantly thinking through what it means to play live, and how to present something that is on the one side manageable enough for one person with two hands to play, but on the other side, has enough spontaneity and improvisation to make it fun.  For the last couple of years, we’ve done a full a/v set where possible, which places certain parameters on the way the set has to be laid out given the limitations we have (amount of hands, amount of RAM).  As well as this, the visual component especially takes a long time to prepare.  In this case basically all of our free time for two and a half months.  We did that specifically so that we could present a single hour of music the way that we wanted to present it.  And it was worth it.

Slowly EP is out now

Our new EP, “Slowly” is out now via Tanukineiri and can be downloaded free from here.  It’s a more upbeat counterpart to the Kumori EP from 2014, whilst that one has frustration as a key theme, “Slowly” is happier and in love with the world again.  It is heavily influenced by our love of J-Pop, J-Wave and Ghibli films.  The free download also includes a photobook, shot on Digital Harinezumi, presenting visual accompaniment for each of the tracks.

Trivia: The cover is a back street in Kyoto in the rain, and was shot after Teshi, the writer of Lights And Music blog, showed us around Jet Set Records.