Music We Love: Cuushe – Airy Me

Where do you even start with this? It’s perfect. The music is wistful and perfect, the singing is heavy with emotion and perfect, the video is beautifully drawn and perfect.

Separation Cassettes in Polyester Records

Polyester Records in Fitzroy still has some cassette copies of my first album, Separation, available. Released by Seattle’s Hush Hush, these are super rare in Australia so grab one while you can.

Shibuya-Kei CCC

Due to some rights issues, the Shibuya-Kei Chiptune Cover Compilation has been pulled from BandCamp, but is available via a YouTube stream instead –  

New Music: Shibuya-Kei CCC

My first track in a while is coming out on Friday via Japan’s Omoide Label, whose back catalogue is full of interesting music (my favourites are Hatsune Miku compilation “Scintillate for a Moment”  and Gaburyu’s “Tokeru“).  My track is also…

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Transpose Video aired on Toonami

The video for Transpose was aired on Toonami on Saturday night, during Naruto Shippuden.  We’re stoked, we love Naruto.  In case you missed it, it’s on the Toonami Facebook page too, and also right here –

Japan Tour: Saitama (29.07.17)

We will be heading to Saitama with PROGRESSIVE FOrM labelmate Soejima Takuma for a special intimate in store live performance at More Records.  More Records is a beautiful record shop that supports a range of music, and we’re looking forward…

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Japan Tour: Osaka (28.07.17)

We are stoked to be heading to Osaka to play at Club Circus alongside some incredible artists.  Kafuka, who has recently released on Project Mooncircle, will be playing live to celebrate this release, and the line up also features Hush…

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Winter Winds Vol 4

Released 21st January 2017 Our track “Emotion” features on the latest compilation from Svnset Waves.  WINTER WINDS vol. 4 is Svnset Waves’ annual winter release. Featuring artists from around the globe, this album sets out to capture the literal and…

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2016 review: August

We decided to make our next release an LP rather than an EP, which took it from being almost done to being almost half done.  We started gearing up our collaborations for it, and bought a Lyrical School t-shirt (as…

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2016 review: April

With our album release locked in for May, we worked on our special launch live set.  A note on these: people tend to slate electronic music live for being “hit play” or whatever, or that there’s no particular skill or…

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2016 review: January

In January we waited eagerly for the release of our debut album whilst eagerly working on new tracks for the second.  Other important things probably happened too.

Daydream EP out now

  Our new EP, DayDream, is out now via Hush Hush Records and can be bought directly from them via their Bandcamp page,  or from iTunes or  any other digital music retailer, or it can be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music…

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