New album soon

Part of the reason we’ve been so bad at website recently is that we have spent the last 7 months recording our first album.  It’s about to be mixed and will be out late 2015/early 2016 depending on how long all the release stuff takes to work out.

Slowly EP is out now

Our new EP, “Slowly” is out now via Tanukineiri and can be downloaded free from here.  It’s a more upbeat counterpart to the Kumori EP from 2014, whilst that one has frustration as a key theme, “Slowly” is happier and in love with the world again.  It is heavily influenced by our love of J-Pop, J-Wave and Ghibli films.  The free download also includes a photobook, shot on Digital Harinezumi, presenting visual accompaniment for each of the tracks.

Trivia: The cover is a back street in Kyoto in the rain, and was shot after Teshi, the writer of Lights And Music blog, showed us around Jet Set Records.

When It Spins out now on Left Of Field vol 3

We contributed a new track to the latest compilation from Left Of Field – a label set up to help raise funds and awareness for mental health issues & suicide prevention.  Check the whole compilation out here, it’s pretty epic.

Super Magic Hats EP got a review in Inpress. Thanks Inpress!!