2016 review: June

After the excitement of releasing our debut album in May, June was spent doing promo and interviews, and then going to the UK (where it was raining).  By this time, we had also finished the first batch of demos for…

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2016 review: May

In May, we launched our debut album into the world.  It came out on digital and tape, both of which are available here as well as the usual streaming and digital places, as well as a few record shops around the…

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2016 review: April

With our album release locked in for May, we worked on our special launch live set.  A note on these: people tend to slate electronic music live for being “hit play” or whatever, or that there’s no particular skill or…

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2016 review: March

My memory is not great so I’ll be honest, I’m getting most of the info for this from Instagram.  March seems to be therefore… a time spent eating burgers.  I’m sure it was fun.  We also started demo’ing stuff for…

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2016 review: February

The month in which we installed a new tier on our desk and filled the space underneath it with a modular synth, and wrote an ode to sleep deprivation (out soon 2017).

2016 review: January

In January we waited eagerly for the release of our debut album whilst eagerly working on new tracks for the second.  Other important things probably happened too.

Hello 2017

Goodbye 2016, the year that everyone hated, in which we failed to make a single website post.  Let’s try harder in 2017. ICYMI – we released an album.  You can get it here, on digital or a very fetching cassette.

Daydream EP out now

  Our new EP, DayDream, is out now via Hush Hush Records and can be bought directly from them via their Bandcamp page,  or from iTunes or  any other digital music retailer, or it can be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music…

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New album soon

Part of the reason we’ve been so bad at website recently is that we have spent the last 7 months recording our first album.  It’s about to be mixed and will be out late 2015/early 2016 depending on how long…

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Snow Blue on Make Believe Melodies

As a tribute to how bad we are at website, our career highlight of getting a mention on Make Believe Melodies was surpassed in March by getting our own post on Make Believe Melodies, and we’re only just posting about…

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Spazzkid – “Truly” Remix

Thanks to Spazzkid’s generous sharing of all the stems to his latest EP, we got to remix the awesome track “Truly” which features the Japanese-English rap styles of the inimitable Sarah Bonito.  Check the SC page for download links in…

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Slowly EP is out now

Our new EP, “Slowly” is out now via Tanukineiri and can be downloaded free from here.  It’s a more upbeat counterpart to the Kumori EP from 2014, whilst that one has frustration as a key theme, “Slowly” is happier and in…

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