Launchpad Crash

Even when crashing, it looks nice.

Love Laundry!

Last night’s show was a blast. Awesome crowd, killer sound, no technical issues and plenty of cool air on stage! Can’t wait to hit up the Gasometer next Friday.

Last-minute Gig – Laundry w/RaRa

We will be standing in for Friendship at Laundry on Saturday, supporting RaRa! Come on down, it will be fun! In the meantime, we better get rehearsing!

Gig news – 2nd March – w/Major Napier & Flash Forest

Our next gig will be on 2nd March at the Gasometer in Colligwood. We’ll be playing alongside Major Napier and Flash Forest, two really interesting acts. We’ll be changing up the show too from last year’s… That’s a heap of…

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Pawn – Star Shards

Vibing this at the moment – a really awesome track & video

Rat vs Possum – Fat Monk – Super Magic Hats Remix

Here is our first official remix, it’s for Rat vs Possum and it’s a remix of their track “Fat Monk”… you can grab it for free from their bandcamp site!

Next Gig w/Fox + Sui & Friendships

We’re happy to announce our next gig will be on 28th October @ The Gasometer in Collingwood with the super awesome Andras Fox & Sui Zhen, and man of many instruments Friendship.

What’s happening?

We have only been posting pictures here up to this point… not entirely sure why.  So what’s new?  Well, we’ve been busy in the studio and are hoping to do more gigs soon.  We have just finished a remix of…

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Our suitcase runs on tenori power!

Super Magic Hats on Facebook

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First post

First post… this is Happy Jazz!  Already getting some plays on Triple J and some blog love from around the world.