Sleepless, by Tessa Chong.  Premiered in Tokyo, the Tessa’s video for Sleepless got her another Vimeo Staff Pick, and even more love in the Nico Nico Vocaloid charts.  This animation, like the track it acompanies, captures the moments between sleep and wakefulness, where strange things happen and your mind moves at a mile a moment.


BC20, by Super Magic Hats.  Made from stock footage that captures the languid happiness of the BC-20, a track made for Melbourne’s Beat Collective.


Transpose, by Tessa Chong.  Vimeo Staff Pick, trucktonne of plays, shown at various animation festivals, and charting in the Nico Nico Vocaloid charts.  This is Tessa’s first animation and it captures a pastel-neon vision of Japan that reflects the mood of Transpose.


More Than Words, by Krystal Shultheiss.  VJ and motion designer Krystal Shultheiss added her own touch to this, her first music video, by editing together clips shot by Super Magic Hats on Digital Harinezumi.


What You Find, by Super Magic Hats.  Edited in freeware software and shot on Digital Harinezumi in Melbourne and Freemantle.