Daydream marks the latest EP from Melbourne-via London electronic musician Super Magic Hats and serves as a precursor to his forthcoming debut full-length album that will be coming out on Hush Hush in early 2016.


Previously releasing the blissful Kumori EP on Hush Hush in September 2014, Super Magic Hats returns to the Seattle-based label to showcase his latest sonic evolution. The three original tracks on Daydream showcase his bright, positive, propulsive production style that’s filled with warm melodies and colourful instrumentation. Opener “Crazy For You” bursts out in a confident and bouncy fashion, the seductive “Beautiful” offers a slightly more mysterious tone, while “We Can Change The World” is based around the concept of being inspired by the people are you, sometimes in the smallest but most significant ways, and proudly glides through with sunshine-kissed synths and bubbling melodies.

The set closes out with a remix of the track “The Boy” by Greek brother-sister duo and fellow Hush Hush act Ocean Hope. Super Magic Hats transforms the duo’s gauzy dream-pop sound into a hypnotic jam with a crisp and upbeat pulse and lovingly tweaked and layered vocals.