Kumori is the second EP from Super Magic Hats

Slopes kicks off with a sample from Yodabashi, Akihabara, and as string samples unravel around a vocal call that “You’re alright with me”, themes of the world collapsing around you and coming to terms with it play out as the track builds and wraps around the listener like a warm blanket. Lily, named after Super Magic Hats’ mum’s cat, is another warm and welcome number that jumps around samples with the agility of a cat jumping around sunbeams before falling asleep in one of them.

Jahnstrasse 10, the address of a former pen friend, is a sparser and less certain number that is based around the concept of falling apart from friends and moving on from your childhood. Coastline is a mid-paced track that Sound Doctrine wrote up better than anyone else could, built around a driving beat, it starts to explore frustration, and was featured in XLR8 – which isn’t bad for what was going to be a b-side until Hush Hush rescued this EP.

The EP closes out with Kumori, a meta-track that was inspired by not being able to write the one track that would close this EP and pull it together (seriously, 18 months of EP creation can be split into the first 4 months of writing and recording the first 4 tracks, and the following 14 of trying to find the secret spice that would top off this dish).

Mixed by Super Magic Hats
Mastered by Andrei Eremin

Released by Hush Hush in 2014