July News

These don’t really get updated very often and so in the 51 weeks of the year that I probably don’t have an EP coming out it’s an easy assumption to make that I am lazy and not really doing anything.  At least part of that is not true.  Some of the things that are happening round our way at the moment are:

– Making lots of remixes.  9 since March, and they are almost all done now.  Keep an eye out for them as they get released.

– Writing new music, for a new single or EP.  It’s hard to say right now, but the aim is make everything bigger.

– Doing some sessions with vocalists, which is a lot harder than just sampling stuff.

– Making covers of songs from the 90s.

– Working on some videos.

– Moving my studio from its ancient homelands in Richmond to pastures new in Melbourne’s inner north.  This is max exciting but takes a lot of time.

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