“As Super Magic Hats, Melbourne’s Rob Masterton has begun to explore a Caribou-like territory of gleefully catchy melodies and psychedelic wooziness in his productions. The approachability and orderliness of Masterton’s one-syllable samples lends a pop sensibility and stuttering summertime energy to his work, which has earned him airtime on BBC 6 and a featured spot for “Happy Jazz” on Bleep’s unsigned track compilation, Filtered.” – XLR8R (USA)

“One of the brightest new electronic acts out of Melbourne” – East to West Blog (Aus)

“Vibrant and energetic electronics are draped over skilfully chopped vocal samples which swiftly carry the track into a blissful momentum. It’s too good to be only enjoyed once.” – Hearing Gold (Can), on “Because of You”

Super Magic Hats is a Melbourne-based musician and producer whose work embraces melody, noise and experimentation.  Super Magic Hats’ sound is based around a sample-everything mentality and a love of unusual instruments and gadgets, underpinned with a gentle irreverence and playfulness, and glued together with intricate edits, delicately placed details, and washes of reverb and delay.

Super Magic Hats emerged on the Melbourne scene in mid-2011, when tracks Happy Jazz and Hangin’ were picked up by blogs and radio and received airplay on Triple J and Triple R. Out of 4,000 entries, Happy Jazz was selected by Bleep.com as a winner of their Filtered competition for unsigned tracks, achieving more blog love and play on BBC Radio 6 along the way.

Making a live debut at Revolver in September 2011, Super Magic Hats has gone on to play many legendary venues around Melbourne and interstate, supporting Rufus, The Kite String Tangle and Shigeto amongst others.  His live set has developed into something both polished and chaotic, as improvised structures and live instrumentation bring tracks to life.  He has toured extensively in Australia and has supported his releases with gigs in Ja

Super Magic Hats’ first EP was self-released in March 2013 on digital and CD, supported by an East Coast tour that took in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.  Second EP, Kumori, followed in 2014 via Seattle’s Hush Hush Records in October 2014 with a release on digital and cassette. Third EP, Slowly, was released on netlabel Tanukineiri, from Nagoya in Japan, in Feburary 2015 including a pdf photobook of lofi photos.  A fourth EP, Daydream, was released in 2015 by Hush Hush Records as a teaser for Super Magic Hats’ first LP.

Separation was Super Magic Hats’ long form debut, released by Hush Hush on cassette and digital, and launched with a full audio-visual gig at Melbourne’s Long Play, a boutique cinema/music venue.  Super Magic Hats released his second and current LP, Wish, on Tokyo’s PROGRESSIVE FOrM in March 2017, on CD and digital, and supported this with a Japan tour in mid-2017, including a show on the legendary Dommune.  In 2018, Super Magic Hats released a third LP via PROGRESSIVE FOrM.  Titled ‘Pure Paradise’, this collection of works incorporated a number of guest vocalists in a further advancement in style, and featured stunning cover art by Julien Mier.

Super Magic Hats’ music has been used in commercials and syncs for a range of clients including Melbourne Fashion Week and United Airlines, and Super Magic Hats has recently delivered presentations on Ableton for live performance to the Ableton User Group Melbourne and RMIT.

Super Magic Hats has also started to take on mastering work, clients including IKSRE, Hush Hush Records, Ben at Work and others.

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