Super Magic Revolution

After a long wait of 3 years, we are finally ready to release a new collection of tracks into the world. Written from late 2018 to late 2021, Super Magic Revolution presents 5 new tracks that cover the range of emotions that spanned the lived experience ...


IKSRE – Wylah Remix

Carrying on with the remix vibe, here's one we made for our friend IKSRE. You may have noticed via our Mastering page, we have spent a lot of the past two years working on IKSRE's amazing music. And now, we had the chance to remix it too. Because we m ...


Dust of Us – Punching Bag Remix

Hi there everyone, it's been a minute. A very long minute. Whilst we did spend a lot of 2020 making negronis, baking, and having zoom parties, we also had the opportunity to take apart and rebuild Punching Bag from the excellent Dust of Us.  For this flip ...

Super Magic Hats Forever


We released 3 albums in 3 years between 2016 and 2018, and in 2019 we took a little break. Forever is the base from which we intend to continue exploring musical territory in 2020. We are releasing this as the first single of the decade, look out for it ...


Pure Paradise : Out Now

Our third LP, Pure Paradise, is out now via PROGRESSIVE FOrM, and is available digitally via Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Ototoy (hi-res version) etc., and on CD from PROGRESSIVE FOrM's online store, More Records, Disk Union, Tower Records, Amazon JP, HM ...

Unknown Worlds

Music We Love: Soejima Takuma – Unknown Words

One of the best parts of our tour of Japan was getting to hang out with Soejima Takuma. He's a talented songwriter, producer, composer and pianist, and is a like the younger brother I never had. His music imagines dystopian worlds and soundtracks these w ...


Sleepless Video nomitated for Sound Kilda

The awesome video for Sleepless, by Tessa Chong and Lee Arkapaw, has been selected as a finalist in the Sound Kilda music video selection at the St Kilda Film Festival. This makes it officially one of the 17 best Australian music videos of the past year!  ...

Airy Me

Music We Love: Cuushe – Airy Me

Where do you even start with this? It's perfect. The music is wistful and perfect, the singing is heavy with emotion and perfect, the video is beautifully drawn and perfect.


Shibuya-Kei CCC

Due to some rights issues, the Shibuya-Kei Chiptune Cover Compilation has been pulled from BandCamp, but is available via a YouTube stream instead -


New Music: Shibuya-Kei CCC

My first track in a while is coming out on Friday via Japan's Omoide Label, whose back catalogue is full of interesting music (my favourites are Hatsune Miku compilation "Scintillate for a Moment"  and Gaburyu's "Tokeru").  My track is also part of a comp ...


Transpose Video aired on Toonami

The video for Transpose was aired on Toonami on Saturday night, during Naruto Shippuden.  We're stoked, we love Naruto.  In case you missed it, it's on the Toonami Facebook page too, and also right here - ...