Achievement Unlocked

For the past few years, I have really loved reading Make Believe Melodies, a blog covering the whole spectrum of Japanese music.  I love the mix of interesting underground music and interesting J-Pop that gets covered on this blog (where else do you get Pamyu Pamyu being blogged about alongside lo-fi bedroom producers?), and the passion that the author has for the music he covers.  I have found heaps of now-favourites here, and at some point it probably crossed my mind that it would be cool if Super Magic Hats somehow made it on there.

And then we did, via our inclusion on Fogpak 11.  Check the career highpoint that is the Make Believe Melodies wrap of it here.

Echo Island – Crystral Trees remix is out now

The lovely people at Dilated Time Records asked us if we would remix an Echo Island track last year, and we chose “Crystal Trees”, a beautiful piece of atmospheric music with a haunting vocal, and turned it into a sprawling piece of electronic chill.  It’s out now for pay what you want from here.


Post gig shot from Hexasonic last night. It was raining, but the gig was heaps fun

Kumori EP is out now on Hush Hush Records

Hi everyone!

Kumori EP cassettes

Test press approved!  The Kumori EP will be released on cassette and digital on 29.09.2014, via Hush Hush Records.  There are two exclusive tracks on cassette only, plus it will look fresh on your shelf/dashboard/wall.