Unknown Worlds

Music We Love: Soejima Takuma – Unknown Words

One of the best parts of our tour of Japan was getting to hang out with Soejima Takuma. He’s a talented songwriter, producer, composer and pianist, and is a like the younger brother I never had.

His music imagines dystopian worlds and soundtracks these with emotive piano underpinned with electronic bristles and feedback sounds. Here is an incredibly beautifully shot video for “Unknown Words”.


2016 review: September

Fabric closed, which led us to lament about the musical heritage which had been lost since we left London.  Turnmills, The End, The Cross… we cut our teeth here, we lost and then found ourselves, we made friends and made memories, we danced til dawn and back again.  As much as life is both fluid and cyclic, it’s sad for us that those who follow will never have access to the same experiences.  The world is the more sanitised and bland for places like these no longer existing.

Back to the present, our remix for Passerine was released.  It was a hard one to pull off in terms of the concept we came up with and the samples we wanted to use, but somehow it worked.

Achievement Unlocked

For the past few years, I have really loved reading Make Believe Melodies, a blog covering the whole spectrum of Japanese music.  I love the mix of interesting underground music and interesting J-Pop that gets covered on this blog (where else do you get Pamyu Pamyu being blogged about alongside lo-fi bedroom producers?), and the passion that the author has for the music he covers.  I have found heaps of now-favourites here, and at some point it probably crossed my mind that it would be cool if Super Magic Hats somehow made it on there.

And then we did, via our inclusion on Fogpak 11.  Check the career highpoint that is the Make Believe Melodies wrap of it here.

July News

These don’t really get updated very often and so in the 51 weeks of the year that I probably don’t have an EP coming out it’s an easy assumption to make that I am lazy and not really doing anything.  At least part of that is not true.  Some of the things that are happening round our way at the moment are:

– Making lots of remixes.  9 since March, and they are almost all done now.  Keep an eye out for them as they get released.

– Writing new music, for a new single or EP.  It’s hard to say right now, but the aim is make everything bigger.

– Doing some sessions with vocalists, which is a lot harder than just sampling stuff.

– Making covers of songs from the 90s.

– Working on some videos.

– Moving my studio from its ancient homelands in Richmond to pastures new in Melbourne’s inner north.  This is max exciting but takes a lot of time.